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journalist, advertising manager (#134.003.747) 

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Preparation of future work with the possibility of career and professional growth in advanced, dynamically developing company.
Qualification Practical experience and knowledge in the field of Internet technology, electronic payment systems, accounting and law. Understanding of key business processes; managerial competence; time management; construction work effectively with "0", work with customers and partners; skills of successful negotiations, including representatives of the government; focus on results. Willingness to change activity (job profile). Skills of independent business
Experience 20.07.2009 on 20.09.2013 manager to work with clients in the field of Internet technology company Internet Invest (
- Domain Name Registration ;
- Providing hosting services ;
- Working with the hosting services ;
- Advice on the technical and financial , and general issues ;
- Preparation of contracts
- Work in the server ;
- Knowledge of 1C: Accounting ;
- Responses to emails ;
- Working with programs for creating websites
- Create your own website
- Communication skills, positive attitude , commitment, high efficiency ;
- Knowledge of English , German
29.09.2007 - 20.06.2009 GG Director of the company ( Internet project , automotive,
Responsibilities : Development of strategy of the company. Coordinating the work of managers (plans, weekly reports ) . Planning and control advertising budgets of the project. Planning of advertising and marketing activities , selection, organization and control of contractors , creating business promotional items and events (corporate identity , participation in trade fairs , advertising printing , advertising in the media , direct marketing , outdoor advertising, souvenirs , etc. . ) , media planning , online marketing , press conferences , the experience of successful negotiations with advertisers , media strategy development representatives of the various market segments , implementation plans , media post campaign analysis , constant monitoring of the media market , visiting profile exhibitions , media contacts , advertising agencies. Monitoring monthly financial income , searching for new advertisers and support customer lists , negotiating with customers ; Report to the founders of the work done , plans and financial flows . Coordination of plans and budgets. Solution operational issues with managing partners . Development and approval of the terms of commercial offers , price lists , presentations . Conducting negotiations with strategic partners . Sale of advertising space . Recruitment. Bookkeeping (accounting ) , excellent knowledge of 1C Company , preparation and submission of all reports ( monthly, quarterly ) , payroll calculation and payment of taxes . Achievements : creation of an Internet project with "0" . Development and implementation of the company's structure . Providing financial flows with their constant growth. Working with baingovymi RA . Analytical writing , advertising , news stories , participate in all the presentations, which are carried out auto Ukraine. Negotiations and possible participation in international exhibitions (Switzerland) . Competitor analysis , organization website, its promotion in the market, participation in the development of advertising, in close contact with the designers. Providing training , consulting ( up to 15 people in submission).
04.09.2006 - 29.05.2007g . - Project Manager "Metro Osvita " :
preparing to print edition ( edited the works of authorship , writing materials for individual magazine holding a photo , video filming , organizing various events (stocks , round tables) with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine , participate in press conferences , conduct a comprehensive advertising campaign work with advertisers , registration of contracts and transactions , participation in exhibitions , organization of meetings , design development of the style and concept of the magazine , making presentations , searching for new ideas , conducting surveys among readers organizational work for the dissemination of the journal.
01.07.2005-05.05.2006. - Project Coordinator, "East European Development Institute":
editorial and proofreading the electronic publication of news; monitoring network "Internet", business correspondence, participation in seminars, writing and editing articles for electronic byuletnya, participation in press conferences, organization of round tables, design work on the creation of promotional material, coordination of the office.
2003-05.05.2005 year - Office Manager ( editor) GC " Foxtrot":
writing and proofreading letters , editorial and proofreading the original author , a set of handwritten notes , writing articles for business conferences , presentations , organization and record keeping ; of contractual documents, transactions , negotiations and presentations , coordination of staff , meetings , meetings , participation in seminars , translation: English ( Intermediate) , monitoring network "Internet" , business correspondence , organization and archiving .

In 2001 and 2003. Editorial Assistant Office Manager "Television and Radio Company "Intervideo-Kiev":
survey and preparation of subjects for ether; proofreading promotional materials, writing and editing articles for the youth program, "Recipes student"; negotiations and business meetings, conducting sociological research on thematic channel audience preferences, work with clients of the program "teleshopping", work with advertisers.
1999-2000 years - Secretary-referent "Ukrtorgservis":
conducting complex advertising campaigns, work with clients; clearance accounting documents.
1997-1999. - Secretary-SCE "Kievgaz":
organization and record keeping, registration of contractual documents transactions, registration of accounting documents, conducting negotiations and presentations.
Education 2010 business coaching telephone conversations, solving complex business problems.
2001 - 2007, National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI". Publishing and printing institute, specialty journalist - editor (correspondence courses).
1995-1998, graduated from higher vocational school № 43 of Kiev, on completion of training received the diploma of Secondary Education secretaries with knowledge of accounting.
Skills and knowledge Owning a personal computer at the confident user (Windows, Word, Page Marker, QuarkXPress, Fine Reader, Adobe Illustrator, Excel, Internet, NC, Adobe PhotoShop, Corel Draw, mailers) Spoken English and writing-in perfect Russian, Ukrainian. Working with technical, artistic, promotional literature, business correspondence with clients.
Information about me I inherent qualities such as sociability, punctuality, responsibility, willingness to work. 33 years old, married, no children.
Interests and hobbies: Languages, literature, computer, photography, swimming.
Master of sport of sailing

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Oksana Verbytska
37 Год/лет

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По всей  Германия

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Степень Бакалавра  (journalist)  с Отметки/Год обучения/Класс 10

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