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Regional Sales Representative in Ukraine (#133.272.728) 

Расположение: По всей США (CV #133.272.728)

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Fluent in Czech, Polish, English, Russian, native Ukrainian.
Basic knowledge of German, Italian, Slovak language.
Skills to represent, to coordinate and to control development foreign and international marketing/management projects, distribution and representations in own region.
Manage, negotiation and planning skills.
Leadership skills. Excellent communication and presentation skills.
Strong analyse skills, analytical mind. Language skills.
Skills treating, teaching, listening, and counseling. Ability to fast learning.
Good knowledge of Trade Marketing.
Creative thinking and self discipline.
Confident user of PC, Windows, MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Access, Internet Explorer.
Able to realize marketing management (analysis, planning, realization and control marketing actions ). Able to plan own work and the people work.
Organization and realization marketing research skills.
Driver license “BC“.

Личные данные

Eugene Philipczuk
43 Год/лет

Информация о Вакансии

Статус приема на работу
Полный рабочий день
Вид заработной платы
Зарплата плюс бонус
Предпочитаемое место расположения работы
По всей  США

Полученное образование

Наивысшая Квалификация
Степень магистра  (Faculty of Management, speciality of Management and Marketing.) от National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use, Rivne, Ukraine.  с Отметки/Год обучения/Класс 4

Профессиональные данные

Профессиональный опыт
5 Год/лет
Языки, которыми Вы владеете
Английский  (Эксперт)
Дополнительная информация
1. My objective is job search in Ukraine, in international / foreign companies, in the field of regional and territorial development / representation, monitoring and control.
2. I am ready, able to efficiently and reliably, and effectively represent foreign / international business interests, international business interests and foreign private interests, and international private interests in Ukraine.
3. I am ready and able to reliably and safely accompany foreign persons in Ukraine.
4. I am interested, ready, able to efficiently and reliably, and effectively to work for the following positions:
- Foreign Representative in Ukraine;
- Regional Representative in Ukraine;
- Regional Manager in Ukraine;
- Sales Representative in Ukraine;
- Manager of Representation in Ukraine;
- Development Manager in Ukraine;
- Foreign Supervisor in Ukraine;
- Foreign Coordinator in Ukraine;
- EU Project Coordinator in Ukraine;
- International Representative in Ukraine;
- Translator / Interpreter: EN, PL, CZ, RU, UA in Ukraine;
- Representative of the private person in Ukraine;
- Travel Coordinator in Ukraine;
- Brand Manager in Ukraine;
- Guide in Ukraine;
- Private Guide in Ukraine;
- Guide of International Group in Ukraine;
- Traveling Guide in Ukraine;
- Private Trip Guide in Ukraine;
- Private Trip Coordinator in Ukraine;
- Business Trip Coordinator in Ukraine;
- Business Trip Representative in Ukraine;
- Private Trip Representative in Ukraine;
- Regional Coordinator in Ukraine.
-Marketing Monitoring Manager of Markets in Ukraine;
5. From my work I expect to development possibilities of my own personality, professional and career growth, as well as a decent material reward;
6. My aspirations - a desire to realize my own personal qualities and professional skills;
7. In work I wish to regularly improve my professional skills and qualifications;
8. I am ready to become and to be an reliable, loyal, faithful and effective representative, employee / business partner, a representative of a private person in Ukraine.
9. I can keep other people's secrets and mysteries; confidentiality, decency and anonymity is guaranteed.
NOTE: The big request, all your job offer for me, please send on my email.

Male, 39 years old. I am Marketing Manager and Translator Interpreter from Rivne, Ukraine (West Ukrainian Region).
Master’s degree of economics.
Expert from the management, marketing, economics, trade marketing, finance and banking, psychology, PR, recruiting, coaching and training, the scope of international relations and linguistics.
Personal qualities: strong moral and ethical qualities, high moral principles, organized, disciplined, reliable, punctual, honest, pedantic, responsible, decisive, accurate, thrifty, conscientious, observant, circumspect, strong-willed, provident, flexible, patient, consistent, communicative purposeful, principled, exacting, persistent, visionary.
Abilities: strong intuition, a high level of self-organization, self-discipline, self-criticism, self-learning and self-analysis, strong analytical skills, ability and skill to accurately assess the situation, to make accurate conclusions, to make effective decisions, to decide strategic, organizational questions / tasks, efficiently and reliably perform any work, the ability to think strategically and creatively, strong tactician, the ability to learn quickly.
Aspirations and attitude to work: a commitment to professionalism, self-realization, progress, discover my talents and inner potential, realize my personal qualities, as well as a desire to learn, grow, gain experience in foreign and international business; desire to work with maximum dedication to be useful , efficient, loyal and faithful, reliable, responsible, stable, consistent; ready for active business trips, take responsibility, to achieve positive results, and make own contribution to the the development, growth and prosperity of the business; can keep other people's secrets and mysteries; confidentiality, integrity and anonymity of the I guarantee; I have experience in foreign companies; possible relocation abroad.

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